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about me

Hello, I´m Diana Kleine and I will support you and your company in becoming visible and positioning yourself successfully online.

I have a creative team of professionals at my side to achieve your vision.

With my years of expertise in marketing and PR, I wil guide you to your goal.

As an Afro-German, I am fluent in spoken and written English.

I look forward to our brainstorming and exchange about your archivements for your company.



In an briefing, you will develop a communication strategy with you in order to communicat effectively with your audience.

The aim is to increase brand awareness, increase sales figures and customer loyalty and build trust with customers. All this terms are measures and evaluated.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to the success fo your online presence. In a world where most people search for information, products and services online, SEO is essential. 

We develop strategies to communicate your brand message clearly and consistently. Be it through attrative design, logical and well-thought-out messages or creative narratives.

By integrating marketing and branding, we ensure that your target group not only buys your product, but also identifies with your brand and remains loyal.

Online marketing performance is the key measure of the success of your digital marketing efforts. In an increasingly connected world where online presence is crucial, it is essential to accurately analyse and optimize the performance of your digital marketing strategy.

Our content strategy is based on thorough reasearch into your target group and your industry. We ensure that your content addresses relevant topics, takes search engine optimization into account and is presented on the right platforms.

Graphic design is the art of visual communication. With a successful mix of creativity and presision, we transform ideas into visually appealing messages. From logo designs to promotional materials to website graphics, we design your visual identity and help you stand out from the competition and be present.

Google Ad´s (banner advertising, YouTube)

Google Ad´s campaigns are, among other things, the heartbeat of every successful marketing strategy. Whether it´s to increase awareness of your brand, attract lots of new customers of promote a product or service. A well-thought-out campaign can make all the difference and appeal to a wide audience.

LinkedIn Ad`s

LinkedIn Ad`s are a powerful tool for promotion your company in a professional environment and communication your message specifically to experts and decision-makers. With a variety of ad formats and targeting option, LinkedIn Ad`s offers the oppurtunity to precisely address your target group and achieve measurable results.

Social media marketing (SMM) is the key to building your strong online presence. With targeted content, creative campaigns and a strategic approach, we maximizie your reach and increase your brand awareness.


The idea of „Die Kleine Agentur“ war born this year in Munich.

Family and work have become a major challenge, especially for single mothers this age. That´s why it´s my mission to support women and their children who have to manage their everyday lives alone.
The small agency would like to drive interes in digitalization with remote jobs in the online sector.



Die Kleine Agentur

Diana Kleine


80799 München

0176 – 55 35 32 95

Die Kleine Agentur ganz groß.

Erfolg durch Kreativität und Strategie!